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Mátyás hotel


"Great food - the dishes are varied, plentiful and very tasty." - wrote a guest about our kitchen.

The hotel's restaurant has a terrace, where you can enjoy your meal under the blue sky.
In our air-conditioned restaurant we organise events and weddings.


We are waiting you with a wide range of A'la carte and children's A'la carte.

A'LA CARTE  wide range of A'la carte children's A'la carte



We offer the Bites those, who wish some culinary delights at daytime.



Taste in the hotel's own confectionery made delicious, traditional or modern pastries and cakes!

CONFECTIONERY hotel's own confectionery


Welcome to the world of flavors! Taste the special pancake creations, soft donuts, delicious pastries, freshly baked pizzas!
Ask for coffee or tea specialties for the dishes, with which you can round out the experience.

GASTRONOMIC ADVENTURING coffee or tea specialties


Holiday offers sold with minimum of half board, which contained a buffet breakfast and dinner.
For guests who want lunch instead of dinner menu is provided, which are free to choose an appetizer or soup, main course and dessert from our selection.
During the buffet dinner you can choose hungarian, international, vegetarian and wellness cuisine.

HALF BOARD buffet breakfast buffet breakfast and dinner

Buffet breakfast offer:
Hot breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, blood with onion, ratatouille, milk wheat or rice

Cold breakfast: cold cuts, sausages, salami, greaves, head cheese, liver paste,
butter, margarine, spreads, circling, yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese
Pastry: cakes, pastries, croissant, bread (plain, grains, whole wheat)
vegetables, compotes, fruit
cocoa, hot milk, cold milk, fruit juices, teas (fruit, herbal)

Buffet breakfast offer Hot breakfast Cold breakfast

Buffet dinner offer:
Cold appetizers
Two kinds of soup
4-5 main courses + side dish
warm dessert (occasionally)
salads and pickled vegetables


Enjoy your meal!


  • Information!

    Recovery in front of the hotel

  • Enjoy our kidness!

    1 night relax

    Half-board service, use of the medical and wellness department!

  • Wellness, Holiday, Relax

    3 days holiday

    Pampering stay with half board, free soup lunch!

  • Physical and mental relaxation, culinary pleasure!

    Holiday in Szoboszló

    Half-board service, use of the medical and wellness department!

  • Treatments in the hotel!

    Discounted medical holiday

    Pleasant healing water, ample buffet service!