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Medicinal treatments

Spa and wellness

NOVELTY! Traction therapy bed!

The effect of traction therapy bed is similar to the weight bath treatment. Primarily used for the cervical and lumbar spine in case of intervertebral disc disease or used for small arthrosis.

The purpose is to remove the spinal vertebrae from each other, so lengthen the spine and releases the tension of muscle. As a result of the provision makes it possible to restore the discs of the original or of the nearby to healthy status.

The price of treatment: 2.900 HUF / occasion (Use of treatment, subject to medical indication)


Medical examination2.900 HUF
Giving injection1.900 HUF
Placed injection900 HUF
Entranceticket to the bath and finnish / infrasauna2.100 HUF / person / occasion
Entranceticket to the bath and finnish / infrasauna (10 occassion)
18.000 HUF / person
Entranceticket for children: (to 9 years old)
900 HUF / person / occasion
The guests of the hotel can use our bath free of charge!


Spa and wellness

Medicinal treatments - with medical examination
Mud pack3.200 HUF
Medical massage (20')4.000 HUF
Electric four-cell bath2.900 HUF
Ultrasound2.900 HUF
Diadynamic electric therapy2.900 HUF
Interference therapy2.900 HUF
Iontophoresis2.900 HUF
Selective stimulus electric2.900 HUF
Traction bed (traction of the spines)2.900 HUF
Refreshment services-without medical examination
Underwater jet massage3.200 HUF
Sollux2.500 HUF
Medical pack2.500 HUF
Physiotherapy (individual, 25/40 min.)
2.500 HUF/3.200 HUF


Treatments in group, min. 3 persons
Gymnastics in group (25/40 min.)900 HUF/1.300 HUF
Underwater gymnastics (25 min.)900 HUF
McKenzie Gymnastics (30 min.)4.000 HUF
Medical treatments packages
No. 1. treatments package
No. 2. treatments package
No. 3. treatments package
No. 4. treatments packageNo. 5. treatments package
medical examination + 10 treatments
medical examination + 15 treatmentsmedical examination + 20 treatmentsmedical examination + 25 treatmentsmedical examination + 40 treatments


Our prices are informative and we reserve the right to make changes.
Our prices are valid from 19. Januar 2020. until withdrawal!


  • Accessibility!

  • 01.07-31.08.2022.

    Splash into summer!

    From 16.900 Ft/pers/night

  • 01.09-30.09.2022.

    Relax in September

    From 15.000 Ft/person/night

  • 01.10 - 20.12.2022.

    Autumn - winter dream wellness

    From 14.000 Ft/pers/night

  • 28.10-07.11.2022.

    Autumn holiday and Halloween

    From 15.000 Ft/pers/night

  • 20.12-28.12.2022.


    From 16.900 Ft/pers/night