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Mátyás hotel

Services from A to Z

Services from A to Z


General information:



  • Ambulance: Firstly push 0-if calling from the hotel- then 104 to call the ambulance.
  • Animation: In the summer and in high season, our animator waiting for the children with a common games, entertainments programs.
  • Arrival: Guests can take their room at 14 o' clock on arrival's day. In case of earlier attandance (between 10 a.m and 13 p.m), depending on capacity. For prices and conditions turn to the reception!
  • Conference hall: Three conference halls are provided for business events.  For details, call the sales department: 06-52/273-223.
  • Departure: The room should be abandoned until 10 o’clock at the day of departure. There is possibility to stay longer depending on capacity of the hotel. For prices and conditions turn to the reception!
  • Elevator: There are two elevators in the lobby, next to the staircase. By pushing the P-button, the wellness department can be reached directly.
  • Envelope, letter paper, stamp: They can be bought at the reception.
  • Equipments for children: Potty, toilet-narrower, changing table, baby-bed, extra bed, child glass and baby tub, can be ask from reception or cleaning ladies.
  • Fax: Our guests can send or receive faxes at reception at charge of an extra fee.
  • Fire station: Firstly push 0-if calling from the hotel- then 112 to call the fire station.
  • Free-time games:


-Air hockey: In front of the playing room there is the air hockey table. Tools can be required at the reception.

-Biliard: In the biliard room there is a possibility to play biliard. It works with token which can be required at the reception.

-Chess and board games: Tools can be required at the reception for free of charge.

-Playing card table: In front of the playing room there is possibility to play card games. Cards can be required free at the reception.

-Table football: In the biliard room is a possibility to play table football. It works with token which can be required at the reception.

-Table tennis: In front of the Playing room (during summer, in the park outside too) table tennis can be played for free. For rackets and ball, please, turn to the reception.

-XBox room: In front of the reception, with Kinect. For detailed information turn to the reception.

-Padel: It’s a ball game, similar to the tennis. In Hungary, our hotel posesses the first pitch. Appointment and equipments can be asked in the reception, as well as information of prices and game rules. Or on link:

  • Gifts and souvenirs: Next to the spa reception -in a cabinet- souvenirs and presents can be bought.
  • Green wood and playground: From May of 2011 we awaits our young guests with a marvellous playground.
  • Guest loyalty program: For detailed information turn to the reception.
  • Helping hands for information technology: In case of technical error, turn to the reception with trust, we try to help, as we could.
  • Hotel rooms: 


Our hotel disposes 107 rooms, which are the following:

-501-503, 507-513, 515-521: superior (air-conditioned), double rooms

-204, 304, 404, 504, 505-506: superior family rooms (air-conditioned 2+2 rooms)

-401-403, 405-422, 301-303, 305-314, 316-321, 201-203, 205-222, 101-103, 118-121: standard double rooms

-104: 2+1 superior family room

-106-113: superior three-bed rooms (air-conditioned without balcon)

-114-117: superior double+ bunk beds family rooms (air-conditioned, equiped with refridgerator, without balcon)

Equipment of the rooms: colour television, minibar, telephone, bathroom (toilet and shower), room safe.

Attention: Our rooms are non-smoking ones!

- Extra bed: extra beds or baby-bed can be put into rooms, to 14 years of age children

  • In case of fire: If fire is observed, please report to the reception immediately on number 167 or 199. After the central warning leave the room on the indicated rescue route, do not use the elevator. Rescue route can be checked on the board, at the entrance.
  • Internet: The internet corner can be found on the end of the corridor next to the reception. For prices and conditions turn to the reception!
  • Keycard: The card, given on arrival’s day, is used for identification during the stay. For meals, room key request and room bill usage the card is needed.
  • Luggage room: On the day of arrival or departure we can provide opportunity to store bags in the luggage room, next to the reception. Ask for receptionist's help.
  • Methods of payment: Cash in Hungarian Forint or Euro, credit and debit cards (American express, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa), or financial transfer (in case of contract). On Six Pay bank terminal you can pay with a credit card on a favorable exchange rate.
  • Opinion and complain: The Guestbook is placed next to the recepcion. We reward those guests with precious services, who share their opinions and experiences with us in our guest questionaire.
  • Parking lot: The fenced parking lot of the hotel can be used next to the hotel in return of payment. The parking fee can be paid at the day of departure at our reception.
  • Photocopying: In case of request, for an extra fee we offer photocopying and other business services.
  • Playing- and playroom: The playing- and playroom can be reached from the lobby, and containes a lot of toys for littles and olders, as well. It is opened all day long.
  • Police: Firstly push 0-if calling from the hotel- then 107 to call the police.
  • Posting letters: The post box at the reception is emptied on every weekday. Only letters with stamps can be posted.
  • Reception: From 0 to 24 hours the reception is at our guests disposal. Can be called on numbers 167 and 199.
  • Room bill: The costs that arises during stay, can be put to the room bill after checking the keycard (given at arrival). The room bills must be singed by the guest in every ocassion.
  • Sale of tickets: Tickets for Aqua-Palace, Aquapark and Hungarospa bath are sold at reception.
  • Sewing set: Claimable at the reception for free.
  • Shoe-cleaner and conditioner: At the main entrance a shoe-cleaning machine is placed, as well as shoe-conditioning equipments on the shelves of difeerent floors.
  • Smoking: Smoking is allowed just outside at the designated area for smoking. In the hotel, or any other part of hotel smoking is forbidden. We warn our guests that smoking in the building will make the fire-protect system start. In this case we have to invoice 30.000 Huf as a complementary fee.
  • Specialities of Hajdúszoboszló: Pávai mineral water and Pintér palinka are uniqueness of Hajdúszoboszló. Have You tasted them yet? You can do it in our restaurant!
  • Technical support for conferences: Projector, overhead projector, TV, wifi, flip chart, microphone, wireless microphone, presentator’s dais, screen.
  • Telephone: Our guests can telephone directly from room. Within the hotel, rooms can be called by the room number, for free. 
  • Different departments have direct numbers: 

Reception – 199, 167

Sales office - 160

Spa and wellness – 166

Dentist – 170

Beauty salon – 162

Restaurant – 172

City line – 0+phone number

Within the country – 0 +06+zone nr+phone nr.

The time of phone speaking is automaticly counted, which can be payed at the reception before departure.

  • Trampoline: There are 2 giant trampolines next to the swimming pool at the entrance to the sun terrace.
  • Transfer: In case of advanced arrangement we can offer transfer service with our van for 8 persons. The reception can order taxi for you! For prices and conditions turn to the reception.
  • Wake-up service: Require our wake-up service. Claim for it at reception.
  • Wifi: In the hotel we offer free wifi service for our guests. For details and keyword, please, turn to the reception.


Curative-Wellness-Medical Services:


  • Adventure elements: Our bubble bath service in the 32°C thermal pool is available seasonally. In the swimming pool is available neck shower, you can ask for turn it on the spa reception.
  • Bathrobe: Can be borrowed at spa reception.
  • Beach buffet: Next to the open air-pool, we are waiting for our guests with special beach foods and drinks: hamburger, hot-dog, gyros, cold refreshments, cocktails and beer. (Opened: from May to September)
  • Beauty saloon: Next to the main entrance, to the right, operates the saloon, where hairdresser and manicurier works. For opening hours and prices, turn to the reception.
  • Centrifugal: You can find on the wellness section in the male and female dressing room.
  • Cosmetics: In the hall next to the elevator. Dates at the reception!
  • Dentistry: It is situated behind the reception. Dentist: Dr. Silye Ilona. For appointment call: 06-20/961-7716
  • Dipping pool: Cold-water pool, next to the finnish sauna. We ask our guests to take a shower before use the pool, in case of maintain hygene.
  • Dressing wardrobe: On the day of arrival or departure, before and after taking and leaving the room, there is possibility to use the spa department. Dressing wardrobes can be found in the changing room. Keys can be claimed at the spa reception for caution.
  • Finnish sauna: Placed behind the spa reception, opening hours are from 9 a.m. until closure. Before usage, taking shower is compulsory.
  • First aid: During opening hours first aid is provided in the doctor's office, or at reception can basic equipments be claimed. In case of serious problem, please, report to the reception and ambulance or doctor in duty will be called immediately.
  • Fitness centre: The room (in the basement, next to the wellness entrance) is open in the opening time of the spa. The use of the fitness room is free of charge.
  • Fitness equipment: treadmill, fitness bikes, crosstrainer, multistations, bellytrainer, weight bench with dumbbells.
  • Gym: Located in the wellness area, where is possible to get individual or group. For more details and prices on the spa reception!
  • Hairdresser: From the lobby, the beauty salon can be easily reached. To fix an appointment, visit the salon, or beyond opening hours, turn to the reception.
  • Hairdryer: They are on the wellness section, on the wall of male and female dressing room. All rooms there is a hairdryer.
  • Infrared sauna: It is placed next to the spa reception, can be used for free. Ask help at spa reception.
  • Injection: Ask for it at spa reception for extra payment.
  • Kid’s pool: A pool, filled with normal water and adventure elements. It can be found next to the spa reception. Can be used by 0-9 year-old children, in presence of adults. In case of children, who are not potty-trained, swimming nappy is obligatory.
  • Massage: Our massasge and wellness centre, which is situated behind the reception, offers different services for our guests. Information, appointemt and ticket can be purchased at spa reception.
  • Measure of blood-pressure: Ask for it at spa reception
  • Medical department: Opening hours of the cave spa is the following: 


Monday-Thursday: 7.00-19.00

Friday-Saturday:    7.00-20.00

Sunday:     7.00-19.00


Opening hours of the cave spa in the summer is the following: 

Monday: 7.00-19.00

Thursday -Sunday:    7.00-20.00

Open-air pool:  8.00-19.00 all days


The changes in opening hours can be followed in the spa reception and by our posters.


  • Medical examination: Our rheumatologyst can be visited in her consulting room behind the reception, in the given time. For appointment look for the spa reception.
  • Medical gymnastic: For appointment, please, visit the spa reception.
  • Mudpack: Mud from Hévíz is used, doctor’s agreement is needed. For details, please, turn to the spa reception.
  • Open-air pool: Next to the hotel building, a normal-water pool is placed. Can be used during summer (from May to September).
  • Pedicure-manicure: Services can be required in the hotel’s beauty saloon. For appointment visit the saloon or call the reception.
  • Rest room: It is situated opposite to the spa reception, can be used for free.
  • Salt therapy: Our trademarked therapy can be found in the wellness department. Tickets and season tickets can be bought at the spa reception.
  • Slippers: Slippers for one-time usage can be purchased at the spa reception.
  • Solarium: It is placed on the wellness department, tickets and appointment can be asked at spa reception.
  • Spa-buffet: Our guests can buy mineral water, refreshments, coffee or tee on our wellness department.
  • Sunbed: Around the open-air pool, in limited number sunbathing beds are available for every guest. We ask our guests not to reserve these beds all day long with their towels. Our colleagues collect the abandoned towels, which can be asked at the spa reception. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Swimming artickles: Swimming diaper, swimming-gum, etc. Can be purchased at spa reception.
  • Swimming pool: Our 5x15m long swimming pool with experience elements is waiting for our kind guests all year. Above the swimming pool is a sun terrace.
  • Thermal-water pools: There are two- a 32 °C and a 36°C thermal-water pools, exeptionally for adults or over 14 years old persons. For recommendations and contradicindications, ask the spa reception. Ocassionally max. 20-25 minutes in the water is recommended. Under 14 years old children the using of the thermal water to health reasons is PROHIBITED!
  • Toiletries: At the spa reception, mainly basic hygene articles can be purchased, such as sampoo, shower gel, shave, tooth brush, tooth paste or diaper.
  • Towel: In the spa department towels are provided for using the sauna, and bathing. We ask our guests not to bring down the towels from the rooms. Bathing towel can be claimed at the spa reception with the towel ticket wich you get at the reception on arrival. In case of lost  towel or towel ticket you must pay a compensation.
  • Wellness treatments: Our guest can choose from several treatments in the hotel’s spa and wellness department. Details in the prise list or at spa reception can be asked.




  • Air conditioning: In the rooms from 106 to 117, 204, 304, 404, 315 and from 501 to 522 air-conditioners are installed. These rooms are sold as superior rooms during the high season.
  • Baby & mum kitchen: On the first floor, next to the elevator, a kitchen-prepared with basic equipments for feeding toddlers- is situated. We ask our guests to leave the kitchen in an ordered state after useing it. In the vestibule's wardrobe nose-hoover can be found.
  • Cleaning: Hotel rooms are cleaned daily, bed linen are changed weekly. If extra cleaning is needed, please, hang out the ’Want cleaning’ board, or in other case turn the board and use „do not disturb” sign. The minibar is filled daily, according to consumption. We ask our guests, to pay the consumed beverages at the reception before departure. The towels are changed daily in the room, if the are dropped to the floor.
  • Extra pillow and blanket: in the ante-room of every room, in the wardrobe extra pillows and blankets are perpared. Bed linens can be claimed from cleaning ladies or at reception.
  • Findings: Anything left in the room, is stored for 1 month. For request we can post the abandoned item with cash on delivery. We do not take responsibility for these items, owner of the item is responsible for the cost of delivery.
  • Hair dryer: All rooms and in spa department, the changing rooms also equipped with hair dryers.
  • Iron: Ironing boards are placed in baby and mother room on the first floor, iron can be claimed at reception for free.
  • Ironing: Detailed information can be found in rooms, on prepared papers. If request is given before 9 a.m., we accomplish it between 12 hours.
  • Minibar: The minibars in the rooms are responsible to keep cool the drinks within them. The cooling of anything else can disturb the optimal operation and may cause overwarming, which leads to fire. Please, use the refridgerator on the first floor, in the baby & mum kitchen to keep foods cold with names written on them.

The base supply of the minibar consists of 0,5 l mineralwater (2 bottles of fizzy mineralwater and 1 bottle of still mineralwater), it costs 250 HUF / bottle. During the cleaning the housemaids fill up the beverages, or you can request it on recepcion.

Please, by check out pay the drinks!

If you want to drink some alkohol or refresher, request it on the recepcion. Find the offer and prices on the room information.


  • Mobil heating: the reception free of charge on request.


  • Pillow: In a limited number, we can provide anti-allergic, feather, sponge and pillows made of synthetic fibre textile.
  • Room safe: Guests can claim room safe to close their values in exchange a caution and rental fee at the reception.
  • Technical error: In case of any kind of technical error, please, hang the paper-prepared in the room- on the door, written the error on it.
  • Ventilator: Can be required at reception in a limited number for rental fee.
  • Washing: Detailed information can be found on the information paper, prepared in the room. If request is given before 9 a.m., we accomplish it between 12 hours.





  • A'la carte meals: Every day from 7 a.m. until 21.30 p.m. we offer a'la carte meals in our restaurant.  
  • Allergen: In our restaurant's menu or in our buffet service, the allergens are listed next to the dishes. If you have any further questions, please contact the service staff.
  • Bar: Our bar in the lobby from 7 a.m. until 22 p.m. awaits our guests with coffee and coffe specialities, cocktails, alcoholic- and non-alcoholik drinks.
  • Buffet meals: During mealtime, based on the required pension our restaurant provides unlimited consumption from the buffet tables. We are offering hungarian, international, vegetarian and healthy fitness cuisine to our guests. Keycards are needed. We ask politetly our guests not to take anything out of the restaurant.

Special menu card is provided for children to support healthy nourishment. Take a look on to our menu card, at the entrance of our restaurant. 

Under a certain headcount buffet meal changes on plate service form. In that case our guests can choose their meals from menu.


  • Cake offer: In the lobby a wide range of cakes awaits for our guests.
  • Cake order: Cake can be ordered 24 hours before needed. For details ask the restaurant.
  • Dress Code: Please be happy to appear in the appropriate clothing during our meals. Swimwear and bathrobes in the restaurant are not accepted
  • Meals: 


-Breakfast: Buffet breakfast awaits our guests in the restaurant from 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock


-Main meal: Buffet main meal is available only for dinner within the confise of half board. In case of you prefer having lunch instead of dinner, our guests can choose from menu everyday from 12 o’clock to 14 o’clock in plate service form. Dinner is hold between 18 o’clock and 20 / 21 o’clock or on the billboards indicated time in therestaurant. Key cards are needed for main meals!


  • Page's restaurant: During the high-season a separated child-restaurant is openned to provide more comfortable circumstances for families and kids.
  • Restaurant: Our Mátyás restaurant is opened from 7 o'clock to 22 o'clock.
  • Room service: From 6 22 p.m. we provide room service to our guests. The price of the service is 30% of the final amount of the bill, but at least 300 Huf. To require room service, call the restaurant, at number 172.
  • Service charge: 10% service charge is not included in our prices!
  • Soup Lunch: Our hotel gift is a soup lunch, except for the day of arrival and travel. You can eat the soup in our restaurant every day from 12:00 to 14:00.
  • Wine tavern: Our wine tavern is in front of the park, where we are waiting for our kind guest, flowning and bottled wine, beer, and other drinks in a romantic, quiet enviroment all over the year. 


If required, we can offer in oven baked meals for groups.



  • Information

  • Treatment

    It is still available!

  • 21.06-05.07.2020.

    Opening action!

    From 12.000 Ft/pers/night

  • Erzsébet program

  • 06.07-31.08.2020.

    Splash into summer

    From 14.900 Ft/pers/night

  • 01.09-30.09.2020.

    Relax in September

    From 13.000 Ft/person/night

  • 01.10 - 20.12.2020.

    Autumn - winter dream wellness

    From 12.000 Ft/pers/night

  • 22.10-01.11.2020.

    Autumn holiday and Halloween

    From 13.000 Ft/pers/night

  • 20.12-28.12.2020.


    From 14.900 Ft/pers/night

  • 27.12-30.12.2020

    Between Christmas and New Year's Eve

    From 16 900 Ft/pers/night

  • 30.12.2020-03.01.2021.

    New Year's Eve 2020

    From 33.000 Ft/pers/night