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Mátyás hotel
Offer Enjoy our kidness!

1 night relax

Relax for a moment in our hotel and enjoy our hospitality!

If you plan to stay for more nights, please check our discounted offers!

Half-board, spa and wellness using included in the prices.

Prices includes:

1 night accomodation in the chosen room

• 1 night accomodation in the chosen room (bath room, TC, safe, minibar)

• Culinary delights (price includes half board service)

 breakfast (rich buffet breakfast with regional specialties)

buffet or menu style dinner (it depens on the guest number) - regional, hungarian and vegetarian dishes

• Wellness center 

• Fitness room using

Local tax is not included in the prices (above 18 years of age): 590 HUF / person / night

Our prices are for informational purposes, depending on the occupancy.

We provide our services in compliance with the regulations in force.

Early arrival and late departure:

The hotel room the day of arrival can be occupied from 14:00, and 10:00 on the day of the trip home to leave.

We assure that our guests can occupy their rooms before 14 hours and, if requested, not at 10 o'clock in the morning, just afternoon or evening leave it.

Early arrival:  - 10.00 to 13.00: 5.000 HUF / room

Late departure: - 10.00 to 18.00: 8.000 HUF / room

The early arrival and late departure, depending on occupancy provided, so please before arrive or on arrival at the hotel match with the reception!

We can not ensure discount our prices.

Prices of other services
Ventilator: 600 HUF / day
Air condition (early season): 3.000 HUF / person / night
Bathrobe rental: 900 HUF / bathrobe / night
Parking: 1.000 HUF / night / car

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  • Information!

    Recovery in front of the hotel

  • Enjoy our kidness!

    1 night relax

    Half-board service, use of the medical and wellness department!

  • Wellness, Holiday, Relax

    3 days holiday

    Pampering stay with half board, free soup lunch!

  • Physical and mental relaxation, culinary pleasure!

    Holiday in Szoboszló

    Half-board service, use of the medical and wellness department!

  • Treatments in the hotel!

    Discounted medical holiday

    Pleasant healing water, ample buffet service!